Samsung mobile price in Bangladesh

Samsung mobile price In Bangladesh: Samsung is a South Korean company, Lee Byung-Chul founded in 1938 as a trading company. Now Samsung is the best smartphone company in the world. Every year this group release many smartphone and many electronic devices. The Samsung has many series devices, note series, and galaxy series one of them. For that, the nowadays mobile provide every Samsung mobile price in Bangladesh.

Samsung mobile price in Bangladesh

Samsung mobile price in Bangladesh

Every year Samsung release many smartphones worldwide. That way Samsung release their smartphone in BD. There are many Samsung phone series now available in Bangladesh. Like Samsung Galaxy S series and J series. Now Read full details about Samsung mobile price in Bangladesh.
Samsung mobile price in bd

Samsung galaxy is a phone that series of computer and mobile device designed, marketed and artificial by Samsung electronics. This product started high-end smartphones by Galaxy S series, series of Galaxy Tab, the galaxy phablets and tablets include the note series with added the functionality of a stylus. The first galaxy is a Galaxy Gear smartwatch then afterward versions plummeting the Galaxy branding.

Samsung galaxy device used their smartphone Android operating system that usually Google produced with the custom user interface called Samsung Experience or TouchWiz. However, this institution is broken at CES 2016 with the statement of the 1st galaxy windows ten device, and that device name is Samsung Galaxy TabPro S.

The Galaxy S7 and S8 device come with the file transport app pre-loaded and with the no app icon. That’s name is a smart switch. This switch app supported all recently released smartphone. It support from the s2 device and all current version.

Samsung Galaxy Note series

The Samsung galaxy note series is an Android operating system based tablet and smartphone that marketed and developed by Samsung Electronics. The line is mainly familiarized towards the pen computing. Every note model has a stylus pen and includes a pressure-sensitive digitizer. All note models incorporate features of the software that are adjusted n the direction of the stylus and with the large screen. Every note model such as digital scrapbooking apps and note taking with multitasking split screen. However, you can see our website all Samsung mobile piece in bd.

The Samsung successfully considered their first note smartphone. For example, phablets, it has an enormous screen that is future to be astride the functionality of a conventional tablet. In September 2011 and October 2013 Samsung sold over the 50 million galaxy note smartphone. In first two months, Samsung was sold note three over the ten million units. And note two sold about 30 million unit.

History of Samsung note device

Samsung Galaxy Note 1

In 2011 at IFA Berlin, Samsung releases their 1st not series phone galaxy note. The galaxy note has 5.3 inches or 135mm display screen. That time it was the most significant screen smartphone. This galaxy notes inward the positive reaction for its killer style functionality. This phone added it 1.4 GHz dual-core processor. That this it was the most powerful device which has the 1.4 GHz dual-core processor. This phone has released October in 2011 and its available on the December 2011. In first two months, this phone sold 1 million units. The next year in 2012 on February Samsung released this phone debuted version with LTE support. That year Samsung sold ten million unites device in the worldwide. That’s time Samsung galaxy note one price in Bangladesh about 31,000 BDT.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

After a lot of success by release Samsung their first note phone, they released another device on August 29, 2012, and that device name is Samsung galaxy note 2. Samsung improved many features, like quad-core possessor. Note 2 there enhanced display 5.5 inches which about 140mm. A modified style with upgraded digitizer and 1024 levels of force sensitivity for more accurate pen input. That time Galaxy Note 2 Samsung mobile price in bd about 47,000 BDT.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

After one year on the 4th September in 2013, Samsung again released their note 3 version smartphone. This time Samsung improved their note three more premium design. And it has plastic leather backing. Samsung also developed the display size, note three display size about 5.7 inches which about 145mm. This phone display is 1080p full HD. And this device support to record 4k video. USB 3 connector with stylus pen functionality. Now Samsung Galaxy Note 3 price in Bangladesh about 63,000 BDT.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo

2014 in January the first time Samsung released a downgraded version note 3. This device feature is an s-pen stylus with 8MP camera. And it has 720p AMOLED HD 720 display, and the screen size is 5.5 inch. It also has two GB ram with 16 GB Rom or internal storage. Other wish all of note three features. This device has 1.3 GHz Cortex A7 CPU and Mali-T624 GPU.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

On 3 September in 2014 Samsung released note four devices. Samsung a lot of improved this phone like new look and design with the plastic leather backing and metal frame, this phone has 5.7 inches or 145mm display with QHR display, the note 3 added 16 mp camera with OIS and improved S-pen stylus. And the pan digitizer upgrades the 2048 levels of force sensitivity with expanded functionality. The fingerprint scanner is the main feature of this note device. That was the first device of Samsung which have the fingerprint scanner. Now Samsung Galaxy Note 3 price in Bangladesh about 49,900 BDT.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

In 2015 on 13 August Samsung released their not series version 5. Samsung adds This device metal frame with the glass backing. Its display is entirely HD 1440pwith 5.7 inch display and Exynos seven octas 7420 system on a chip. The many features are same as the more note series model or S6. Samsung galaxy note five does not provide the user with added extra microSD card and replaceable battery. Its camera app helps a user to live streaming on the youtube directly. The nowadays mobile provides the user with known Samsung mobile price in Bangladesh. That ways the Galaxy Note 5 price in Bangladesh 69.900 BDT.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

2 August In 2016 on the New York city Samsung released their note seven devices. It was the mainly based on the hardware of the Galaxy S7. And its possessor is inheriting, and the camera is excellent. The note is water resistance, and it has the expandable storage. It has the USB C connector; it was the first phone of Samsung that has the USB C connector. The main feature of this phone display. This phone display is curved across the side. It’s entirely killer style.

But the Samsung device has a problem whit the battery. For that, on the 11 October in 2016 Samsung recalled this note globally.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The Samsung galaxy note eight released on the 23 August 2017 at the Samsung Unpacked event. This device has a 6.3-inch display with the super AMOLED display which resolution is 1440p. Samsung uses the phone snapdragon 835/exynos 8895 processor. The main features this note it has the iris scanner and water resistance. It also has dual lens camera setup with the lens that telephoto and Samsung DeX support. The nowadays mobile provides the user with known Samsung mobile price in Bangladesh. However, the Galaxy Note 8 price in Bangladesh 94.900 BDT.

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However now you know all Samsung history especially galaxy series and note series. Although, we provide all Samsung mobile price in Bangladesh. You know that Samsung is a South Korean company, Lee Byung-Chul was founded in 1938. Now Samsung is the most popular mobile brand in the world. Every your Samsung release many devices for the Samsung lover. And they released high budget and low budget smartphone in the market. So, if you keep with us, you can easily know any Samsung update news and Samsung mobile price in bd.